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“How can I help my child learn?”

Whether you’re a parent or teacher, you may have heard or have said those words ones or twice before. We all love our kids and we want what’s best for them. But how do we encourage learning during early childhood, when formal teaching is not ideal?

Lollie Tot is a labor of love created by dedicated educators, and individuals with the purpose of sharing valuable learning through natural play.

Our Learning Through Play videos show narrated tutorials with activities that demonstrate animated interactions and imaginative play, which are not only fun but also valuable tools to provide children in early childhood.

We believe that learning can be fun when it is spontaneous! Therefore we have created our projects to be super simple and use materials that can be easily found at home.

What’s an added bonus to Lollie Tot? Since it was founded by a Behavioral Analyst and Art Teacher, we are able to combine helpful parenting tips + creative activities!

We are happy to announce that Lollie Tot will be starting the Learning Through Play Date Classes! We believe that children can learn a lot with social interaction and hands on learning  and what better way to encourage their development than an amazing play date with Lollie Tot and friends? You bring the friends, we create the fun! For more information click here.

We hope that you enjoy our videos and projects as much as we had making them! Want to have more fun? Subscribe to our newsletter here to get amazing tips, and tricks for you and the kiddies! You can also follow us on twitter, where we can chat some more!

Meet the girl behind lollie tot

Nice to meet you! I’m Debbie Arcangeles the Founder and Creative Director of Lollie Tot. For over 10 years I have been an ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapist and Art Teacher for early childhood.

I have come across many parents and educators that need help not only finding the right activities but also with children’s behaviors and issues. I dreamed of creating a community where parents can go to for fun activities and guidance when they feel a bit lost with their little one. Because let’s face it, even with those angelic faces they can be little hellions (sometimes).

My incredible passion for this site and with help from dedicated individuals it has become a wonderful community that parents and children’s providers look to for guidance and of course TONS of FUN!

In addition to directing LT daily,  I am also a freelance photographer and offer guidance to bloggers and business owners who want to create knock-out content that can take their site to the next level! Photography, Video or Illustration – I’ve got it covered!

Let’s be pals, yes?

Meet our talented groupPeter Bune: Producer & Editor

Pete is a Brooklyn based filmmaker who made up one fourth of the Long Island Cult TV show The Slack Pack (1997-2004). He went on to co-star and produce the independent horror/comedy show The Ghouligans! (2005-2015). Pete co-directed and produced the horror anthology film “Lost Suburbia” (2007) and co-wrote and directed his first feature film about the Long Island music scene entitled “Freaks Nerds and Romantics” (2010). He continues to produce projects including music videos and short films.


Katrina Bartocillo: Assistant Producer

Katrina is a graduate of  Syracuse University with a degree in Television, Radio, and Film. She aspires to become a television producer and has previously worked for Viacom, Efran Films, and Big Fish Entertainment. Katrina is currently working for NBC Network in NYC as a Page. She enjoys traveling and playing with cats.


aaronAaron Smith: Operations Manager

Aaron is Lollie Tot’s “Jack of All Trades” Operations Manager, he makes sure Lollie Tot is running smoothly daily. He is also an Early Childhood ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapist and has worked for over 12 years as a children’s martial arts instructor. Due to his unique skills he is able to maintain daily operations as well as wonderful relationships with parents and children’s providers. When Aaron is not managing Lollie Tot, you can find him practicing Jujitsu and at the best hiking spots around the world.


Playdate_LT_ba5a3b4e-c349-4442-8475-13a089be7276_mediumShanti Wintergate & Greg Attonito: Play Date – Music Contributors

Play Date is an award-winning kindie music band that consists of husband-and-wife duo Greg Attonito, lead vocals and founding member of punk rock legend, The Bouncing Souls (1989-Present) and singer/songwriter Shanti Wintergate.  Inspired by their love of music, creativity and adventure, Greg and Shanti have created top-drawer music for the whole family with their album, Imagination (2014 Parents’ Choice Award & Creative Child’s 2014 Seal of Excellence Award) and We all Shine released in 2015.


grace_LT_pic_160c7192-ea0a-4cde-a3b5-f04fdefb6c61_mediumGrace Lovell: Voice of Lollie Tot

Grace Lovell is an aspiring actress and singer. She has a passion for Theater and has performed in the Gateway Theater Main Stage in “South Pacific” as Ngana and Gateway Theater Children Stage in “Cinderella”. She has also guest starred in The Ghouligans and starred in Play Dates music video “L-O-V-E You”. Grace is part of the Dance Aloha Professional Hula Dance Troupe as a junior Hula dancer. When Grace is not performing on stage or in film you can find her skate boarding, playing volleyball with her friends or teasing her brother Sage.


jessicaJessica Thompson: Lesson Plan Contributor

Jessica has been a New York City Art Teacher for over 8 years and contributes to Lollie Tot’s lesson plans. When Jessica is not teaching art, you can find her walking her dog Smokey and styling fashion for web and magazine publications.



Gabriella Carmichael: Tiny Yogi Teacher

Gabriella is a Brooklyn based dancer, choreographer, and certified yoga instructor. She teaches yoga to children in hopes of promoting self confidence, spacial awareness, and playful exploration. She believes that creativity and movement can be used as a tool for social justice. She originally hails from Western Massachusetts where she has a degree in cultural anthropology and dance. When off the yoga mat and out of the studio, she enjoys being outdoors or listening to music.


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